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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of the school year wrap-up by Delia

Oh, the chaos that ensues at the end of the school year!  I work with the food program at our local school so I'm trying to get all those end of the year government reports filed while I still can.  It's kind of like filing lunch lady taxes, only instead of money, I'm counting chicken nuggets and tater tots.  It's exhausting, people.

Both of my still-at-home kids are in track, though one in high school the other at middle school, so I've been averaging 3 track meets per week for the last month and a half.  Usually I don't mind being a track mom, but the weather this spring has certainly dampened my enthusiasm for the 400 meter relay and the shot put.  But now that that's all over, my evenings are starting to be mine at last.  At least they will after this week, when I'm done with 8th grade graduation, spring sports award ceremony and a retirement party for the outgoing elementary school principal and our wonderful superintendent.  Though I do have my evenings, I still don't have a vehicle since my son keeps using it to go to one of the gazillion graduation parties he's been invited to.  Next year he graduates and the spring craziness will ramp up a few levels.

Now that the spring stuff is almost over, we move on to the nutziness of summer.  I've got kids spending the week at friend's cabins, one is doing FFA camp, the Midwestern Rodeo is a must-do event on my family's agenda, though in my opinion, if you've seen one guy get thrown from a horse, you've seen them all.  Unfortunately, my husband and kids don't feel the same way.  But, in an  upside to that, my two out-of-state kids are both going to be home for the rodeo and I'll have all four of my babies under my roof at the same time in about a year and who knows when it'll happen again.  In honor of that, I've scheduled photo time with a real live photographer so we'll get those family pictures taken that I've been threatening to get taken for years now.

I like to think things will settle down eventually, and I'm sure it'll happen, just not in the near future.  Next year I'll have two kids in high school, which is not conducive to calm and quiet.  But, before I know it, all my babies will be out the door and it'll just be hubs and me.  Things will be quiet, probably too quiet, and I'll look back on these crazy days and smile.


  1. Glad you got the family pictures scheduled, Delia. I think we'd be lost if we didn't have the end of year chaos, but in a few years being lost might be ok for a change. :-) Hope all of the events you have left go well!

  2. I think you'll enjoy the rodeo a bit more this year with everyone home. And I'm looking forward to seeing your family pictures. :) Enjoy your crazy upcoming summer, and I'll give you a few days of peace at the lake. Let's hope it warms up by then!!