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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Favorite Halloween Episodes ~ Donna

It's my favorite time of the year again...Halloween! I've got my house decorated with ghouls and goblins, ghosts and witches, reapers, pumkins, and even Slender Man. I'll post some pictures of my new toys below, but first...

Like The Ten Commandments on Easter, and A Christmas Story at Christmastime, Halloween just wouldn't be the same without watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I love sitcoms, and the Halloween episodes have always been my favorites. So I've asked my NovelFriends to share a bit about their favorite Halloween episodes of their favorite shows.

Dulcie - I've got a soft spot for the corny, and a HUGE soft spot for The Neighbors.  A normal suburban family unwittingly moving into a sub-division filled with aliens using the names of professional athletes just cracks me up. Last year's Halloween episode, entitled Halloween-ween was the greatest.  Previous years, the aliens, under the instructions of their leader, Larry Bird, had barricaded the gate to their neighborhood to protect them from what they saw as a barbarian attack of earth children.  After having the holiday explained to them by their earth friends, they reluctantly open the gates and the neighborhood is overrun by a mob of candy-seeking kids.  I love seeing how the aliens perceive our holidays.

Jamie - One of my favorite Halloween episodes is from Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory. In "The Good Guy Fluctuation", Sheldon's friends have played a prank on him. When he decides to get revenge on them, it doesn't quite go as planned but he does manage to prevail in the end. I just love all of the characters on this show, and the addition of Amy and Bernadette have only made it better. However, no one compares to Sheldon Cooper - he totally makes this show the outstanding comedy that it is.

Donna - It would be hard to find a Halloween episode of any show that I didn't enjoy. But the best to me by far are from that 90s classic sitcom, Roseanne. I don't have a favorite. They were all hilarious. Dan and Roseanne's competitions were awesome, as were the costumes. I searched around and found some of my all-time favorites.

And my new 'toys'...

Thanks for checking out my NovelFriends and my favorite Halloween episodes! I hope everyone had a spooky and Happy Halloween!!

~ Donna