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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Transitions - Jamie

I'm starting to face facts, my kids are growing up. My oldest turned 18 a few weeks ago and will be graduating in just a few more. He is deep in the process of preparing for college, and is loving every minute of it. His future is looking so full and exciting, and I am just a bit envious of all the things ahead of him.

He has been to New Orleans several times in the last few years with the youth group from our church and fell in love with the city. For his graduation gift, we did a family trip to his favorite city. I'm not real big on hot weather, so we went over spring break.

The temps were a bit on the cool side, but perfect for me. And much warmer than at home (and no snow!) We had a wonderful time exploring his favorite things about NOLA, and seeing some new things. 

The history in the cemeteries is amazing.

Wonderful museums to explore.

Love the grandeur of the plantation houses.
Seeing the swamps was a must.

And the food - oh my word, the food!

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

Blackberry Mint Julep -
to make the plantation experience



Shrimp Creole, Gumbo, Red Beans
and Jumbalaya


It was a fantastic trip, but it made me a little sad, making me wonder if it would be the last vacation the four of us would take together. I hope not, but if it was, we all came home with memories that will last us a lifetime and will help me through the difficult transition as one of my birds leaves the nest.


  1. I"m glad you had a great time in NOLA. Cherish the times while you can, I don't see a trip with my complete family in our future, I'm just looking forward to the next time we'll be sitting at the same table for supper! If the stars align, that possibly could be the middle of May, fingers crossed!

    You've got a great family and it's nice to see you together so happily, not many people have that anymore, especially with teenagers!

    1. Thanks Delia. I hope things work out so all of your family is home together in May. I am very blessed to have such wonderful boys and such an amazing husband and that we've been able to share so many great moments together, at home and on our travels.

  2. Love all the great pictures! I'm glad you had such a nice trip and am looking forward to hear about Matt's adventures in the future. :) Will be offering hugs for you, too.

    Delia, I hope you get your May mini-reunion, too!

    1. Thanks Stacey! Hope we can get together soon.

  3. Jamie,

    Sounds like a great trip and brought memories of my trip to NOLA several years ago. Do they still have the bronze sculpture of a little woman sitting on a bench just outside the main entrance of Du Monde. Oh, and the beignet...

    1. We are addicted to the beignet. Good thing we don't live there. I didn't see the bench or statue out front, but there was a bronze statue of a girl sitting on the edge of a small fountain behind the cafe.

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  5. Well, as usual I'm the last one to post...LOL Sorry, I finally added my name to the email list so I'll start receiving email reminder. I need memory pills or something.

    Anyway, your pictures are wonderful, Jamie, I'm so envious of your trip to New Orleans! My brother and I used to talk about going one day. Hopefully before we're both too old to enjoy ourselves...LOL Hugs about Matt leaving the nest. It sure does give pause how fast the years have flown by. I think he was...11, maybe 12 when I met him for the first time? He's grown into such a handsome, smart, incredible young man (as has Noah), and though sad, I know you're also extremely proud. I'll have plenty of hugs for you as well next time we see you! *sniff* LOL