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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back Off, He's Mine

I had planned to blog about Valentine’s Day, as my fellow NovelFriends did. Only I don’t really have anything to report. For the first time in years, my husband forgot to buy me a card and the usual dozen red roses. And for some reason, I wasn’t even upset. Have I gotten to a point where those things no longer matter? Have I become jaded to romance…me, a romance author? Not good. Not good at all.

Maybe I just need some inspiration…hmm.
*Type in Google...click, click, click...need some inspiration...click, click, click...searching...searching...

Well, what do you know, I think I’ve found him!

Meet Aaron O’Connell, model, actor, stealer of my heart. He’s a Midwestern boy, a graduate of Purdue University, and he has three sisters, so I bet he’s sensitive to a woman’s feelings. He sings, he acts…in fact, the first time I laid eyes on him was in that Liquid Plumr commercial. You know the one: “I’m here to snake your drain…” Oh, yeah.

Look at that face...

That physique…

What a total package!


Yep, I’ve got me some new inspiration; my need for romance is restored. Whew! That was close... ;-)


  1. I'm so relieved you found some inspiration to save your need for romance. I'd say you did a fine job on that research. Now, get to writing!

  2. You found that under inspiration???? Must be a great search engine you employed. I imagine now you've decided he must show up on Salvation Street in Redemption to flutter a few women's hearts looking for inspiration? Or aren't you that much of a author? ;-) Just joking. Fun post.

  3. I gotta say, that is an awesome commercial. Who woulda thunk drain cleaner could be so darn sexy?

    I think you found some pretty good inspiration.

  4. I'm way late here...the third picture, with the physique...that one works for me. ;)

    Now get back to writing, you inspired romance author, you!

    (In fact, that was my plan. Comment late so you'd look at the pictures and get inspired all over again. You're welcome. LOL)