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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tales From the Mist - a book review

First off, let me make a confession, I don't usually read short stories or E-books.  The E-book thing is purely a matter of preference, I don't have a reader, so I have to use my laptop, which is a beautiful machine (I named it Shiny) but not something I want to read a book on.  I tend to get distracted by the many other things Shiny can do and it takes forever for me to finish reading something.  I've also taken a couple E-book readers for a spin and just haven't found the experience worth buying one, I guess I'm a traditionalist at heart.  As for short stories, I avoid them because they tend to make me feel... unfulfilled I guess you'd call it.  They tend to leave me wanting more rather than being satisfied.

I'm happy to say though, that Tales From the Mist not only kept me glued to Shiny from page one to the very end, but afterwards, I felt like I'd just finished a literary Thanksgiving dinner, I was stuffed, but knew I'd be thrilled to go back for leftovers the next day.

Tales From the Mist is an anthology of short paranormal stories that cover just about any facet of horror from ghosts, haunted houses, shape-shifters, a vampire rat story and the scariest of all, a persons mind.   Usually, when reading an anthology, there are some stories you love, some not so much, but I can easily say this was not the case in this book, each story was great in its own unique way.  Though you're not supposed to have favorites, I have to say that Haste by Catie Rhodes struck me both in my sense of justice and her ending twist appealed to my warped sense of humor (those without my warpedness will probably find it terrifying), either way, I loved it.

In spite of having a favorite, I can also say I enjoyed each story for what it brought to the table, each so different, yet equally enjoyable, again, much like that Thanksgiving dinner, I love the mashed potatoes just as much as the stuffing, and smush them all together with the turkey and it's to die for, much like this book.  (get it, "to die for" and it's a horror book???  :p  I crack myself up)

To bring some extra spooky joy to your Halloween season, you can get Tales From the Mist at Amazon.  Enjoy...and leave the lights on.


  1. Look forward to reading this one. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks for your review! I have to admit that Catie's story is one of my fav.'s, too. (Shhh... if the others find out... I can't even think of the what they'll do!)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed our little book, 'cause we had a bunch of fun making it.

  3. I've only read Stacey's story so far, but as a horror fanatic I can't wait till I have time to read the rest! :-)