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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Fall Things

My favorite time of year has arrived. I am in love with autumn. The temperatures have recently cooled quite a bit making me anxious to start enjoying some of my favorite things.

The sights… I soak up the vivid rusty-colored leaves grasping tree branches and covering yards, pumpkins, gourds, hay bales and cornstalks dressing up porches. A final burst of color before the snow falls.

The sounds… I relax to the harmony of crunching, crackling leaves on the sidewalk and the thumps and bumps of chestnuts falling onto the roof outside our bedroom window.  A soundtrack of the season.

The tastes…oh, the foods of fall - spiced apple cider, warm apple kuchen, hearty soups, fresh-baked bread and of course a handful (or two!) of candy corn. Mmmmm.

The smells… for me the mingled scents of decaying leaves, crisp wind-washed air, the smell of wood burning in bonfires, rooms filled with a blend of apples, pumpkins and spices. Ahhhh.

The feel… what could possibly make this symphony of sensations any better? Only a warm snuggly sweater, a soft cozy blanket, the comforting weight of a book in one hand and a warm mug of cider in the other. Sigh.

Now, consider that it is the one time of year when baseball and football seasons overlap and there are ridiculous amounts of school supplies available and on sale. It’s just the whipped cream on my pumpkin pie.

What are your favorite season and your favorite thing about it?


  1. Jamie, you have a way with words! You perfectly described everything I love about fall...well, except the decaying leaves. LOL

    I'm baking apple brownies right now and Mmmmmm, they smell good!

  2. Thanks Stacey! The apple brownies sound wonderful - enjoy!

  3. I love the fall as well, I just wish it wasn't followed so closely by winter - my least favorite season.

  4. I agree, Delia. I used to like the winter, but the older I get the more I dislike it. I'm a total fall person now.

  5. Fall is my favorite season for all the reasons you mentioned but especially turkey dinners and pumpkin bread--or anything with pumpkin. And chili.

  6. Oh yeah! Love the turkey dinner with all the fixings and chili. I loved my grandma's pumpkin pie, but my guys like anything and everything pumpkin. Yum!

  7. Jamie, wonderful post! Autumn has always been my favorite season, for most of the reasons you described (not a big fan of cider...LOL), but for me it's also about Halloween & Thanksgiving, my two favorite holidays. You all know what a horror/Halloween nut I am, but I also love to make the big turkey dinner for my family every year. And though my family has been steadily shrinking, thankfully, this year is no exception & my brother, nieces, and almost nephew will be coming up. :-)

  8. Thanks Donna. I'm not as big into Halloween as you are, but it is a fun time. I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. I love the wonderful dinner, but it's usually near my birthday so especially when I was younger I didn't like having to share my b-day with all the holiday stuff. This year it's actually ON Thanksgiving - those years are the worst. Though now that I'm getting older, I guess I'd rather focus on the holiday than the fact I've aged another year.

  9. Hi Jamie:
    We are new to your post, by way of mutual friend "Casey Comments" and are already fans! What a beautiful post! We just wrote something similiar to yours. Both my daughter and I love fall just as you.It's my daughters favorite time of year,and it's my second, winter being my first.It's nice to connect and we look forward to reading your future posts!

  10. Inionnmathair...we can only hope to aspire to be as wonderful as Casey Comments' blog. I don't always get a chance to comment, but I love reading her blog posts.

    Thanks so much for visiting us and we look forward to getting to know you in the future. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

    I get to see all of my NovelFriends, so I know I will.

  11. inionnmathair, thank you so much for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the post and that you have visited our blog. Hope to see you here again soon.