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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ups and Downs ~ Stacey

Since I last posted, there's been a lot going on. The younger kids started school (yay!) and my oldest flew to Fort Benning, Georgia to begin Army Special Forces Basic Combat Training. (BCT) Yes, it was an eventful beginning to our September.

Labor Day 2013--we had a family dinner to send him off
and took a bunch of pictures.
In addition, we're still working on the remodeling in our house. Currently the bathroom is limping along. Yesterday, our 10yr old Arabian, Bullet, was supposed to head about an hour south for 2 months of training. His ship-date got postponed to today. I joked that he and Cody would be going through Basic Training together and had intended to do my monthly post on that. And I still am, but it doesn't quite mesh as well as it was supposed to.

Bullet has no idea what's in store when he starts his BCT

Because for the down part of my day, I got a call from the trainer that one of his girls who does a lot of the riding was injured today and he was going to have to delay. I wish her a quick recovery, and now I'm bummed Bullet won't be off just yet. I was really looking forward to riding him in a couple months.

Oh well, because...for the up part of my day, we got a letter from Cody! 

I grabbed my mail on the way home from the dentist--oh yeah, there was another down. Fillings. 1/2 frozen face. Then on to the eye doctor, who said I'm borderline needing bifocals, and that's normal between ages 40-42. Well, I'll be 41 in October, so I guess, yay me, getting old on schedule.

So anyway, I grabbed the mail, saw there was a letter to "The Netzel Family", and then sat in the van in the garage to read it. Nope, I didn't care if the milk in the back seat got warm--letter came first. He's doing okay so far, he now knows how to make his bed (lol), and he says he looks funny bald. It was great to hear from him and he even made me laugh out loud when he told me how the shot in his butt hurt like hell.

I read the letter to the kids when they got home from school and they laughed at the line: "I'd love to see Morgan try to have an attitude here."

Anyway, he hasn't actually started BCT yet, he's still in the reception stage, where they're waiting for the rest of his class (battalion?) to arrive. I have no idea when he'll start, but when he does, that's when his 16 wks and 3 days begin to count down until we can see him again.

So, that's it from me. Next month I hope to be telling you all about my new book out, but in the meantime, I'd love to hear what's GOOD in your life these days??

~ Stacey


  1. You certainly have had quite a month. Mine hasn't been nearly as exciting. Noah's driving himself to school now and Matt's off at college and loving it very much and I'm just feeling a but unneeded, but in a good way I guess. It's hard to see them growing up but good to see them growing up well.

    Glad things are going so well with you and your family. Hugs to you on all the changes!

    1. I'm glad to hear Matt's loving his new chapter in life. :) Good for Noah, too. Now, you are NEVER unneeded, the way you're needed will just change. Besides, you have friends here who will always need you! {HUGS} back to ya! (and looking forward to a real one tomorrow.)

  2. I have a step-grandson in the Army Rangers and my nephew recently retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years and 4 tours in the Middle East. He's now a civilian employee for the Corps, but I'm not sure doing what.

    None of my sons had to serve.

    What's good in life? Book event last night went well and I actually sold some books. Looking forward to the GGBA gals arriving here on Saturday, and praying my oldest son has a safe bear hunting season with his clients. Oh, and that he gets home sometime this year and this year is fast coming to a close.

    1. Thanks to both your step-grandson and nephew for their service. I will pray for your grandson's safety, as well as your son hunting bears. :)

      I'm happy your book event went well and can't wait for Saturday!

  3. Stacey, you certainly have had a busy month! To me, your son is still that polite 12 year-old boy who declined a can of soda even though you said it was okay. :-) I can only imagine how it feels to have him out in the world, on his own. You & Wayne did a great job, though, so he'll be just fine. :-)

    Congrats on finishing your latest story!

    I could whine about how many problems I've had in my life lately, how many difficulties. But the truth is, there are so many people out there who have it much harder than I do, so I know I have nothing to complain about. And I have amazing friends to lean on when I need them. :-)

    Can't wait 'til Saturday, ladies!

    1. Yeah, they grow up so fast! Thanks!

      It really makes a difference by looking on the bright side, doesn't it? I try to do the same thing, too, and keep my life happier. :)