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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Being that it's the 5th Tuesday, we're due for an extra post.

So, referring to the title of this post, I found this book a couple of years ago (I think at my mom's rummage sale) and thought I'd share a couple fun superstitions. You can get your own at Amazon; there are 32 used copies available starting at $0.01!!

First, because Delia loves her chickens: A crowing hen presages (foretells) evil and maybe personal serious illness. 

If a hen lays an even number of eggs, it's unlucky.

Yikes, that's no fun!

Here's a better one, Delia: Free range hens scrapping and feeding together is a sign of good weather.

And I like this one, too: Hen entering the house...expect a visitor.

Um...yeah...the hen!

Moving on for Donna. She loves horror and supernatural stuff. (So does Delia, but she already got the hens.)

A baby born at midnight can see ghosts.

If you want to prevent Gremlins from messing with your machinery, lay an empty beer bottle nearby and they'll crawl inside.

Yeah, because those Gremlins are such lushes, you know! Donna's Gremlin is named Sunshine, and I don't think she'd fit inside a beer bottle. *grin*

Last but not least for Donna: A necklace of peach pips will drive demons away. Don't ever cut that peach tree down!! While you're at it, and add a couple wren feathers around the house, too. They protect against sorcery.

Now, Jamie. I know you've got lots going on, so we're going to keep positive thoughts going for you.

If you see a donkey, it means you'll have good luck. So next time you meet an asshole, think of him as a donkey and things will be looking up. Even better if you're then hit by bird droppings.

As a Scorpio, your upcoming lucky dates are: July 30, Aug. 5, 9, 13, 17, 18, 27  Wishing you a wonderful day today!!!

You know those headaches you get? How about you try this folk remedy: wrap the skin of a snake around your temples. If that doesn't work, then apply a poultice of cow dung and inhale the dried moss collected from an old human skull. (Surely one of those will work. Positive thoughts, remember?)

Now, this last one is to prevent bad luck: If you leave your house, but then need to return for something you forgot, make sure you sit down and count to 10 before you leave again. 

Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone enjoyed this journey into the mystical unknown.

Oh, wait, I've got one last one for Delia and Donna, since Delia kinda got jipped with the hens.

If a cat jumps over a corpse, the corpse will become a vampire.

Have fun with that one, girls, and pick a handsome corpse! LOL

~ Stacey


  1. Very cool, I love this kind of stuff. :-) And I'm a sucker for both Angel & Spike...especially Spike. ;-)

  2. These are great! I tried the snake skin recipe for my headache, but ended up getting bit - maybe next time I'll remove the snake from the skin first. ;p

    Have I ever told you the story about when I had a chicken running around loose in the house? Remind me to give you an reenactment next time we're together. Next week I've got 40 baby chicks coming in, I keep them in the bathtub for the first week. Does that mean I should be expecting a lot of company?

  3. Stacey,

    That's a book to keep handy, especially if you need a blog topic for 5th Tuesdays!

    Who'da thunk it? Corpses, cats, vampires. Peach pits and wren feathers.

    And do hens even crow? I thought that was the roosters' job though hens might be demanding equality. ;-) But I wonder then, if roosters would lay eggs. I'm thinking...

    Fun post for a dreary day.