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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Choices - The Book Version (Jamie)

Things in the book industry have been changing rapidly over the past few years and it appears that trend will continue. It has me curious about what kind of book choices you might make, and I hope it will give me the chance to get to know you better. And remember, this is just for fun. I'm not looking to start a debate. I fully believe every reader is entitled to have their own preferences for how and what they like to read.

So, tell me:
 - Do you prefer paper books, e-books or audio books, or a combination?  I used to swear I'd never give up paper books but my book collection took up too much space. My husband bought me an e-reader for Christmas, and I fought it for a while, but once I gave in, I was completely converted. I love having my entire library at my fingertips and my keeper shelf with me at all times.

- Do you have a preference for a full length novel or novellas? I tend to prefer full length novels. Novellas are also good, but I typically fall in love with the characters and want to spend more time with them. Novellas go by way too fast.

- Do you use the library or borrow books from friends or do you own most of your books? Because I use an e-reader, I own my books. Even before I made the switch though, I owned most of them. As I said, I fall in love with the characters and stories and have a hard time giving them up. I believe this goes back to a heartbreaking, grade-school library book incident.

- Do you typically read one genre or a wide variety? I read romance almost exclusively, and within the romance genre I normally stick to Contemporary or Romantic Suspense. I have deviated to a historical or paranormal book at times. I couldn't tell you the last time I read something that wasn't a romance story though.

- Where and when do you do your reading? I do most of my reading in bed in the morning and at night, but if I have a few spare minutes I will read while waiting for an appointment, in the car (not while I'm driving), in a restaurant (if I'm on my own, not if I'm with someone). Pretty much if I have some free time, you'll see me with my e-reader in my hand.

Now you know a little bit about me and my reading habits. I'm looking forward to learning more about you and how you like to read.


  1. Okay, first question first: I prefer paperback books. I don't have an e-reader and don't like reading on my computer. Also, which segues into your 3rd question, I get most of my books from the library or thrift store. I read so voraciously that I'd go bankrupt if I bought all my books, so I don't own nearly as many books as most people and the ones I do own are the 5/$1 thrift store variety.

    I prefer full-length books, once again, because I read so fast I'd have to spend waaaay too much time looking for something new to read. Plus, novellas tend to leave me hungry for more, full length are more satisfying.

    I read anything. Presently, my to be read pile consists of a story of a man training a service dog, a YA spy book, a Get Fuzzy comic book, a political thriller, etc etc, you get the picture. 99.99% of my reading gets done in my La-Z-Boy recliner in the living room, though I have been known to occasionally read in bed when things get to crazy in the main part of my house.

    Whew, that's a lot of question answering!

  2. I love the variety of books that you read, Delia. I know you've found some fabulous stories. Thanks for sharing your reading habits with me!

  3. Jamie,

    1. I have a Kindle and read ebooks mostly. If I want an autographed copy and know I will be able to get one from the author, I also buy a book but it stays pristine.
    2. I love novels and novellas, especially if the characters in the latter continue like a TV program. I don't read short stories--too short.
    3. I mostly buy books I read now though I used to use the library and often traded books with reader friends. Now I don't want to remember who the book belongs to and I can't depend I will read the book in time to get it back to the library.
    4. I tend to read romantic suspense, historicals sometimes, but I'm picky with those. And WF/ST with a love story, friends, family etc. Once in a while I deviate and love it, but more often than not I'm interested. It's personal preference not a condemnation of other genres.
    5. When I had more time to read, I read whenever I could and often several books a week. Now I read at lunch if I'm eating alone, and sometimes at night for a while.
    Now you know a little about me and the grumpy reader that I am. ;-)

    1. Hi Casey. Sounds like we have pretty similar reading styles. I've never been able to read more than one book at a time, but I know many people who have. Thanks for stopping by to tell me a little more about you.

  4. Sorry I'm, late to the party, Jamie! Great post! :-)

    1. I prefer paperbacks. I like my Kindle, but I still prefer the feel of a regular ol' book in my hands.

    2. I prefer noverls as well, though I appreciate novellas much more now that I write them. ;-)

    3. I used to go to the library once a week back when I first started reading. I was in my early twenties, I didn't have any kids yet, so I could read all day & night if I wanted. Boy, sometimes I miss those days...LOL Thank God for GNO.

    4. I'm with you, Jamie, I'm a romance reader. I rarely stray from the genre, and there are only a few sub-genres I don't care for as much, like Christian, fantasy, sci-fi.

    5. Honestly...I read every time I use the ladies' room. LOL My favorite place to read is in a hot bath (hence my author tagline), though sometime I sit at my desk, kick my feet up on the bed, and read for a bit. :-)

    Thanks for the fun post, Jamie!!

  5. I learned something new about you, Donna. Thanks for telling me more about you, even after all our GNOs. :-)

  6. Hello! It's been fun seeing what everyone answers. Here are mine:

    1. I thought I'd never like ebooks, but now I'm 100% converted and will choose my ereader over a paper book any day.

    2. I don't care if it's a novel or novella, as long as the story is good. :)

    3. My mom never took us to the library, so I grew up with buying books and I still do that. I did use the school library, but always hated having to turn in favorites.

    4. Started in mystery with Hardy Boys and Black Stallion Series, moved to romance, went through a spy/thriller phase with Jack Higgins, back to romance for years, where I stuck with any sub-genre I could find at rummage sales. Since publishing my own books, I've read the books of friends of mine and enjoyed sci-fi, horror, YA, thriller and fantasy. It's been fun branching out, but Romance is still my first choice.

    5. I read mostly in bed at night, sometimes on the couch, or in the car while waiting for kids.

    1. No wonder we get along so well, Stacey. Our reading habits are very much alike. Thanks for the insight. It's been fun learning more about everyone's reading habits.