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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Delia

A few years ago, I came to a realization, I had the power over who I let into my life and who wasn't allowed.  If someone or something made me miserable, I had the ability to delete it/them out of my life.  How empowering is that??

The times I've read Dear Abby recently, I'm always amazed at the people who are writing about struggles they have with others in their lives, parents who abused them (and still do), siblings who've cheated them and friends who've lied to them.  Why haven't these people done the obvious (which is NOT write to Dear Abby)?  I had a friend, a good friend,one I considered one of my best.  Lately, things he's said have literally sucked the happy right out of me.  These weren't things he said to me personally, just things said in general - things that made me wonder how he'd became my friend in the first place.  My life is too short and too full of good things for me to waste time and life space for darkness, hatred and downright miserableness.  So is yours.  It's easy to Unlike someone from Facebook, everyone's done it, why not Unlike Happysucks right out of your life as well?  Heck, I Unliked Facebook in general - I discovered the better I got to know a lot of people, the less I liked them.  I figured I needed to get off Facebook before I started hating everybody.  Yeah, if you haven't already guessed, I'm NOT a people person.  :-) 

Now is the time to start cleaning out your life like you would your hall closet.  Get rid of the stuff, issues and people who drag you down and fill those empty life shelves with things that bring you up.  On Saturday, I'll be celebrating the 22nd year of being married to my best friend.  We're very different kind of people and people wonder how we ended up together and how we've stayed married for so long.  It's simple - besides the obvious fact that I love him to pieces and he's got a great butt - he makes me laugh. How lucky can I be to be able to live forever with someone who makes me happy?  Your life can't be happy if you're not happy with yourself - but it sure helps when you surround yourself with others who bring you peace and happiness.  Go out and do it!!

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  1. Opposites attract is so true! My hubby and I are so different in some things, and yet agree 100% on others. Keeps life interesting, that's for sure, and we still laugh together almost every day.

    This is a great post about keeping positive and upbeat. Of course, it's not possible ALL the time, but when you can keep it in the majority, it can make a huge difference. Surrounding ourselves with like people makes perfect sense. My NovelFriends fit that bill, even the non-people person. :)

    Smiles and hugs to you!