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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Comfort in the Chaos

Life seems like it is always throwing curves our way. Usually small things, sometimes big stuff. I do my best to try to take things in stride and not let them bother me. Most of the time I do pretty well. Once in a while though, taking deep breaths just doesn't cut it. This fall has been one of those times for me.

My oldest son is a senior this year so we've waded our way into the world of college applications, essays, scholarships and financial aid.  My youngest son just received his temporary drivers license. I now know for sure I was not meant to be a driver's ed instructor. After 20 years in our home we are finally remodeling our kitchen and getting rid of the mauve walls and countertops and the baby blue cabinets that didn't hold anything. I do not function well when the house is a mess, so I probably don't need to tell you how stressful it is to have our kitchen essentials all over our dining room. On top of all of this, I've been having some health issues that involve a series of tests that haven't exactly been a barrel of fun.

Dealing with so much at once makes it nearly impossible to get through the day in a relaxed state. When this happens I find myself seeking out some extra comforts. I have several fairly reliable sources that work for me.

Reading is a given. There is nothing like escaping into a good book. It's the next best thing to an actual vacation (sometimes it's even better!) Hand in hand with a good book, is a favorite movie. I have a few favorite romances that I can watch over and over and over again. How can a happily-ever-after ending not brighten your day?

Now, you can't get true comfort from a book or movie without the right accessories. Comfy clothes are a must. Comfort dress code includes flannel pajamas and slippers, soft comfy t-shirts or hoodies and a well-worn pair of jeans. A very specific menu is required for these chaos emergencies as well. Bring on the soups or stews and fresh baked bread. Chocolate (or pretty much any sweet) works well as a quick band-aid for most situations. If things reach a Code Red level, pizza from my favorite local pizza place is the only thing that will help.

When all else fails, one thing is guaranteed to make life better - a good old-fashioned hug. If the hug comes from one of my kids, it is a very special and rare treat. A hug from my hubby still gives me an amazing warm feeling like no other. Those hugs from my friends (even virtually!) let me know how much caring and support I always have. 

I'm hoping your life is mostly chaos free, but what comforts you when life does get a little crazy?


  1. Having teens is a stressful time in life, trust me, I know, but this to shall pass. And your kitchen - it's gonna be awesome.

    My family all knows that the only way to really calm me down is to get me into a rocking chair. I'm The Mad Rocker and need to constantly be in motion or I go crazy. Even if I'm too stressed out to read a book or watch a movie, just the simple act of rocking back and forth does wonders to calm my nerves. It's cheap therapy, a La-Z-Boy is much more economical than Dr bills and Valium.

  2. Thanks Delia.

    I used to have a rocking chair when the boys were very little. Now that you mention it, I really miss that. With all I have going on, maybe it would be worth investing in one again. Great source of comfort!

  3. Hands down, HUGS rule! Even cyber hugs. I'm with you on the reading and movies. (And want to know your go-to movies that you've watched over and over again.) Comfy jeans, and a hot cup of tea.

    I keep praying your tests all work out and I'm excited to see your kitchen when it's all done! In the meantime, try to stay as stress-free as possible.

  4. Thanks Stacey. I agree hugs are the best. I wish I like tea - it seems like it would be so soothing. I appreciate the prayers on the test results. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything. I'm doing much better with things now than I would have a year, or even a few months ago. My go-to movies tend to change when I've really overdone one. Off the top of my head: Something Borrowed, Tangled, Mulan, The Italian Job, While You Were Sleeping, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I know I'm forgetting some, but that gives you an idea of what usually makes me feel better.

    1. like Delia, While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorites, too. :) Not sure I've seen Something Borrowed...hmm. :) H2LAGU 10 Days is also great! Ever After, Sahara, 17 Again, One Fine Day...I've got a ton of them!

  5. I love While You Were Sleeping - because of that movie, whenever I'm someplace where there are about 4 different conversations going on at the same time, I say (usually just to myself) "Caesar Romero was tall." It just strikes my funnybone.

    I'll also admit, I've seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers about 25 times - I stinkin' LOVE that movie.

    1. Delia, I loved the TV series 7Brides/7Brothers, but I haven't ever seen the movie.

  6. GASP!! You've never seen the greatest movie of all time???? You know what this means, right? We need a girls night IN - whichever one of us has the biggest tv and popcorn bowls is going to be hosting a 7 Brides film festival. I'll even sing along with all the songs for your added enjoyment ;)

    Bless her beautiful hide - wherever she may be
    We ain't met yet, but I'm a willin' to bet
    She's the gal for me!!!

  7. Oh yeah, I love Ever After and Sahara. I haven't seen the greatest movie of all time yet either, so that girls night in sounds like a great idea.